Collect prayer requests using a web form

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As Jesus said, “My house shall be called a house of prayer” (Matthew 21:13), the internet does open up this possibility for more prayer to be housed at a church’s online presence. One huge (under-utilized) opportunity for online ministry is having a place for submitting prayer requests on a church website.

You can do this easily with a web form that either is a widget embed code that you copy & paste onto your web page or you can link to (a sample list of free and paid services listed):

For examples of online prayers that are being done over the internet as various kinds of online community, take a look at:

Know of others? Please add a comment and share it with us!

2 Responses to “Collect prayer requests using a web form”

  1. Jon Rogers Says:

    Our church uses The Prayer Engine and LOVE IT! Check it out here: and see it in action on our website at

  2. Roy Baum Says:

    I haven’t implemented a “prayer form” on Covenant’s website yet, but I do have a Secret Facebook Group set up that does a few things:
    1. it echos or reflects the legacy email prayer list
    2. gives members another way to read prayer requests
    3. gives members a more open way to share prayer requests (FB group requests are generally cross-posted to the email list too)
    Also, another thing we’ve talked about doing but haven’t implemented yet is a text mechanism for prayer requests… I’m thinking Google Voice would be a good way to do that.

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