How often should you Twitter?

June 11th, 2010 No Comments »

On the Tech Steward Tuesday webinar series a few days ago, these are the rest of the questions that were answered, and here’s a re-cap of my answers.

Q: “How often should you update in order to make this technology useful?”

I personally suggest making a twitter update at least once a day, when considering whether to start a twitter account or not. Alternatively, if the primary use of twitter is to be responsive as a “customer service” responder, then a twitter update at least once a month would suffice. One report shows that about 20% of registered twitter accounts have sent an update at least once a month.

Q: “Should a church link their Facebook pages to their Twitter posts?”

There are various opinions on whether a Facebook page updates should be linked to their Twitter updates. It’s a strategic question– if the function is to make announcements to all, then linking Twitter and Facebook together makes sense. If the intention is to have focused discussions on the Facebook fan page, while using Twitter for announcements, then linking would not make sense.

Q: “Can you put an audio file on Twitter?”

There are several ways to post a twitter update with a link to an audio. 3 ways to make audio tweets are,, and