video about Christ Fellowship Church using technologies

March 21st, 2012 1 Comment »

From the video section of USA Today, Church uses technology to reach members highlights the ways that Christ Fellowship Church (McKinney, Texas) uses an online Bible study guide, QR codes, Facebook, video streaming and podcasts to provide spiritual services to their church members.

Christ Fellowship Church launched its internet campus ( in July 2010 and now exceed over 500 in weekend attendance online. Also see a list of 234+ churches that are livestreaming and/or doing church online.

[update 4/18] USA Today published this article, “More congregations turn to Facebook, Web, high-tech outreach,” to accompany the above video.

Top Online Tools to connect your community

June 17th, 2010 No Comments »

Appreciated the conversations from the 2nd workshop I facilitated at #nwlc10, Top Online Tools to connect your community. (My other workshop was Technology Steward 101, which was an extended discussion of the pre-conference topic.) Here’s the slides:

Links to resources mentioned during workshop discussions:

Anything else I forgot? Any other great resources for using social media beyond broadcasting announcements and sharing content? The opportunity is to coordinate user-generated content to build up a church community, its relationships, and its witness in the world. In a world where everyone can publish and produce fresh expressions of faith and creativity, tech stewards play a vital role to orchestrate individuals into a unified corporate voice.

And now, the discussion is opened up to the world! is the place where you can ask your questions with church leaders in a similar role, your peers, and share your learnings as worship leaders and church leaders on how to select social media apps that fit a specific church context, how you evaluate what’s working, how you train up key leaders, defining roles, responsibilities, and policies or guidelines.

How often should you Twitter?

June 11th, 2010 No Comments »

On the Tech Steward Tuesday webinar series a few days ago, these are the rest of the questions that were answered, and here’s a re-cap of my answers.

Q: “How often should you update in order to make this technology useful?”

I personally suggest making a twitter update at least once a day, when considering whether to start a twitter account or not. Alternatively, if the primary use of twitter is to be responsive as a “customer service” responder, then a twitter update at least once a month would suffice. One report shows that about 20% of registered twitter accounts have sent an update at least once a month.

Q: “Should a church link their Facebook pages to their Twitter posts?”

There are various opinions on whether a Facebook page updates should be linked to their Twitter updates. It’s a strategic question– if the function is to make announcements to all, then linking Twitter and Facebook together makes sense. If the intention is to have focused discussions on the Facebook fan page, while using Twitter for announcements, then linking would not make sense.

Q: “Can you put an audio file on Twitter?”

There are several ways to post a twitter update with a link to an audio. 3 ways to make audio tweets are,, and

Should your church Twitter?

June 8th, 2010 2 Comments »

Thanks to all who joined our webinar today! The topic was about whether your church should Twitter, and it was goal to provide practical questions and considerations for your church and its leaders to discuss and discern if Twitter’ing would strengthen your church’s life in community.

I mentioned a Time magazine article from May 2009, Twittering in Church, with the Pastor’s O.K., has great examples of how 4 churches are using Twitter as a part of their worship services. Read the article there and then add a comment here with your thoughts and comments.

Stay tuned to the blog, and over the rest of this week, you’ll see a recap of answers to the questions that were submitted during the webinar, including:

  • Is there a way, like facebook has, to find others that might be your followers?
  • Is there a place to “register” hash tags?
  • How often should you update in order to make this technology useful?
  • How can twitter be most beneficial to reaching lost people?
  • Should a church link their Facebook pages to their Twitter posts?
  • Can you put an audio file on Twitter?
  • How does one receive a notice of a Twitter update?

For those who attended and/or registered for this webinar, you should be receiving an email in the next day with a link to the slides presented and a recording to the webinar.

The Tech Steward Tuesday webinar series will continue in two weeks on June 22nd. The webinars are free, so register to reserve your seat.

Next week, I’ll be in Albuquerque for Worship Leader’s National Worship Leader Conference, and we’ll be talking about the Stewardship of Technology during the one-day pre-conference. Hope to meet some of you there, or a future pre-conference at one of the other two National Worship Leader Conferences.

By the way, we just got at Twitter too — follow @techsteward.

Tech Steward Tuesday webinar series

June 3rd, 2010 6 Comments »

Worship Leader Magazine’s Tech Steward Tuesday Webinar Series started up this June, and there are 5 more free webinars scheduled in the coming weeks. Here’s a list of upcoming topics — sign up at ::

register for webinar
The Tech Steward Tuesday webinar series will explore how your church can be stewarding technology in the service of worship. The webinar series is presented as a 30-minute weekly chat-in talk show format, so you can participate in this conversation. DJ Chuang, Network Developer at Worship Leader Magazine, will answer your questions about church and technology.

These tech steward conversations will accelerate on-site and face-to-face at the National Worship Leader Conference 2010 Pre-Conference — this will be a one-day pre-conference event at all 3 NWLC’s: Albuquerque on June 15-17, Kansas City on July 19-22, and Lancaster PA on October 5-7. Register now >>

Look forward to connecting with you on-line and on-site!